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Hypothetical roots.

Overexpression of Hydroxynitrile Lyase in Cassava Roots Elevates Protein and Free Amino Acids while Reducing Residual Cyanogen Levels
FIGURE 7: Hypothetical model of cyanogen metabolism in cassava roots.
Proposed pathway of linamarin synthesis and breakdown in cassava roots. Transgenic cassava overexpressing HNL leads to decrease in steady state levels of linamarin in roots and reductions in both acetone cyanohydrin and cyanide levels after processing. In addition, there is an increase in total HNL protein which ultimately leads to increase in total protein level in roots. Two small blue arrows indicate either decrease or increase levels in roots.

Narayanan N N, Ihemere U, Ellery C, Sayre R T (2011). Overexpression of hydroxynitrile lyase in cassava roots elevates protein and free amino acids while reducing residual cyanogen levels. PloS one, 6(7), e21996.


Just follow the map.

Extending Biochemical Databases by Metabolomic Surveys

FIGURE 3. Mapping metabolome regulation on biochemical networks.
Shown is the regulation of the human ileal effluent metabolome after versus
before ileostomy surgery (70), magnified for the carbohydrate cluster. Iden-
tified metabolites are mapped to the biochemical KEGG RPAIR Database and
chemical similarity (green edges, dashed if Ͻ600 similarity), spanning a net-
work displayed in Cytoscape. Unknown metabolites (BinBase Metabolome
Database numbers (48)) are added by mass spectral similarity (red edges,
dashed if Ͻ600 similarity). Red node metabolites are significantly increased in
concentration (p Ͻ 0.05), blue nodes mark decreased compounds, and yellow
nodes (small print) are not regulated. Node size indicates magnitude of

Fiehn O, Barupal DK, Kind T (2011) Extending biochemical databases by metabolomic surveys. J Biol Chem 286: 23637-23643



Saturation-mutagenesis in two positions distant from active site of a Klebsiella pneumoniae glycerol dehydratase identifies some highly active mutants

Figure 3(B).
Superimposition of 20 models of the β-subunit with position β-42 mutation, built by computer programs. Arrow indicates the area of this mutated position.

Qi X, Chen Y, Jiang K, Zuo W, Luo Z, Wei Y, Dub L, Wei H, Huanga R, Du Q (2012) Saturation-Mutagenesis in Two Positions Distant from Active Site of a Klebsiella pneumoniae Glycerol Dehydratase Identifies Some Highly Active Mutants. Journal of Biotechnology, 144(1):43-50. doi:10.1016/j.jbiotec.2009.06.015


Regression tree for foraging activity.

Influence of Landscape Structure and Human Modifications on Insect Biomass and Bat Foraging Activity in an Urban Landscape

Figure 5. Regression tree for foraging activity.

Each split corresponds to a rule which is displayed with the variable causing the split (ConditionThrelfall CG, Law B, Banks PB (2012) Influence of Landscape Structure and Human Modifications on Insect Biomass and Bat Foraging Activity in an Urban Landscape. PLoS ONE 7(6): e38800. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0038800


Caveolin-1 Null Mice

On the cover: Caveolin-1 is a major structural component of lipid rafts. On pp. 171–185 of this issue, Wernstedt Asterholm and colleagues show that lack of caveolin-1 in mice results in decreased circulating levels of adiponectin and a reduced ability to alter substrate use in response to feeding/fasting conditions. Adipose tissue mitochondrial dysfunction, an elevated rate of lipolysis, and a constitutive increase in hepatic glucose output lead to a reduced ability to adjust to altered fuel supply and a systemic overreliance on carbohydrates. The cover art depicts the complex systemic changes observed in caveolin-1 null mice.

Asterholm IW, Mundy DI, Weng J, Anderson RGW, Scherer PE. (2012). Altered Mitochondrial Function and Metabolic Inflexibility Associated with Loss of Caveolin-1. Cell Metabolism Volume 15, Issue 2 Cover & 171–185 doi:10.1016/j.cmet.2012.01.004


Comparison of Ratios

Figure 1

Comparison of ratios of DNABIT Compress with existing algorithms

Rajarajeswari, P., & Apparao, A. (2011). DNABIT Compress – Genome compression algorithm. Bioinformation, 5(8), 350-360.



Pain Experience

Figure 1.
Relationships between psicosocial antecedent variables, factors and dependent variables.

Gutiérrez AIM, Zarazaga MRE, Damme SV. (2011). The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity, Fear of Pain and Experiential Avoidance in Experimental Pain. Psychology. Vol.2, No.8, 817-823 doi:10.4236/psych.2011.28125



Schout, G., de Jong, G., Zeelen, J. (2011). Beyond Care Avoidance and Care Paralysis: Theorizing Public Mental Health Care. Sociology. 45:665 DOI:10.1177/0038038511406591


Severino’s flowchart

Severino’s flowchart

Severino, S., Messina, R. (2011). Group Dynamics in On-Line and Face-to-Face Interactions: An Experimental Study on Learning Methods. Sociology Mind. Vol.1, No.2, 65-73 DOI:10.4236/sm.2011.12008


Take me out to the black

Anderson RG, 1982 Mutations that affect membrane receptor for LDL are useful for studying normal receptor function. Am J Physiol. 1982 Jul;243(1):E5-14.